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USDA Certified Organic

Centuria, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Nevada Laboratories & Analytics, Inc., provides remediation solutions that reduce THC while boosting the profiles of minor cannabinoids. We keep efficacy at top of mind, creating formulations with meticulous attention to details, all while using organic plant-based solvents and catalysts.

Our certified and industry-leading processes, and systems ensure quality and documentation at every step of the process.

The past decade has taught us that not all CBD products are created equal..

USDA Certified Organic Crude Or Distillate is processed through our multistage organic purification process worthy of the USDA organic seal. This Allows Centuria to Offer a USDA Certified Organic remediation process capable of producing two distinct solutions: federally compliant (.3% THC or below) full-spectrum oil and THC-free broad-spectrum oil. This allows us to provide USDA Certified Organic remediation solutions that are tailored to our customer’s needs.

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  • USDA Organic Certified Remediation
  • Cost Effective
  • cGMP Certified
  • Minor Profile Boosts
  • High Throughput

Our Facility

Our facility is located in the heart of Nevada. Outfitted with breakthrough technologies, and cutting-edge tools, this space houses our R&D team, formulations team, and manufacturing.

Meet Our Team

We are proud to employ a dynamic team of scientists, including three PhDs. With incredible talent and best-in-class solutions, we are leading the way to continued innovation and excellence.

Our team has developed rapid remediation onsite deployment programs for our friends in the Extraction space processing MORE THAN 1000LBS PER DAY