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Are your existing customers requiring that you obtain third-party certifications from organizations like NSF International® prior to placing their  order? The only constant within the CBD regulatory landscape is change itself. In combination with a  demanding–consumer market, the importance of instituting and maintaining top-tier quality and compliance systems is paramount. The challenge of maintaining, let alone establishing a comprehensive quality and regulatory compliance system is a daunting task. True quality standards are both time-consuming  and expensive both in creation and implementation. The good news? We’re here to help.

Obtaining the proper certifications can be the difference between between barely surviving vs. thriving. Centuria’s team of regulatory and compliance experts help you establish your quality systems and navigate the sometimes confusing audit process.

So, you may be wondering what sets us apart from other consulting firms. The answer is simple. It’s our team’s experience. Our team of regulatory and quality experts have experience working with both domestic and international clients, and offers professional consulting services to brands globally. We have significant experience with all stages of the hemp production process, allowing us to advise clients with diverse needs:  farmers, extractors, processors, and manufacturers.

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