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from our 55,000 sqft facility in Nevada. Our extraction is done using a closed loop, cold ethanol extraction at -40°C . The extracted material will be filtered, decarboxylated and winterized, yielding a beautiful crude.

At Centuria, we’ve built our foundation upon two simple focuses – quality and innovation. Evidence of this starts with boasting the right certifications, such as those from Oregon Tilth and NSF. In addition to the quality standards, we are committed to advancing applications and efficiency as shown through real data.



Why Cold-Ethanol ?

Unlike alternative methods, ethanol extraction can produce cannabis oil with extremely high purity, and is able to be part of a certified organic process. This means you get a high quality oil, at a great value!

Cold-Ethanol extraction does not allow lipids and waxes to enter in the product stream thus mitigating the need for winterization.

How Does Cold-Ethanol Extraction Work ?

In simple terms – the hemp biomass is soaked in an ethanol solution. The plant material is then separated from the ethanol, with remaining alcohol evaporating. What remains is a filtered, solvent-free organic certified crude oil with a high CBD yield.

Extraction by the numbers

  • Minimum Order Quantity – One Tonne (2,200 lbs)
  • Processing capacity of One Tonne Per Day
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Discounts available based on volume or repeat business
  • Biomass particle size should have a diameter smaller than 1.5cm
    (approximately the size of a popcorn kernel or smaller)
  • For large, or repeat orders our facility has the ability to increase scale of extraction operations – please reach out to discuss

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