CBC Cannabichromene

CBD Water Soluble C¹⁰™

20% Water Soluble| NON DETECT THC

Centuria CBD Water Soluble Liquid is the highest quality Water Soluble on the market.  

Our CBC can used in variety of products including topicals, cosmetics and edibles.  Also utilized in soft gels, pressed pills, and tinctures.

Our CBC is manufactured in a cGMP, EU GMP, & ISO-9001 Certified facility.  

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We ensure quality of all of our products. Including multiple rounds of testing including in-house and full panel third party testing. State of the Art cGMP facility produces the highest quality CBD Water Soluble C¹⁰™ for our clients.

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Sample 5g

Broad Spectrum Distillate

CBC (Cannabichromene)

( Cannabigerol )

Full Spectrum Distillate